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Welcome to the official site for the Annual NICE Knowledge Exchange that took place May  23, 2013 at Hart House, University of Toronto.

2013 Conference Highlights:

Keynote Address by JAMES FOWLER, PhD , co-author of best seller, CONNECTED: The surprising power of social networks and how they shape our lives. In his keynote, Dr. Fowler revealed the dynamics of these social networks and presented compelling evidence on the profound influence they have on our health, wealth, and even happiness.

Interactive Knowledge Transfer Workshops on:
  • Elder Abuse - Using deception: fraudulent offences and preventive approaches with Dr. Thomas Goergen
  • Depression in Hospitalized Elderly with Dr. Lesley Wiesenfeld
  • Sexuality and Aging with Valerie Barr
  • Environment and Aging with Dr. Samir Sinha

plus Invited "Theme Team" Guest Lectures on:

  • Caregiving with Dr. Peter Donahue
  • Dementia Care with Dr. Peter Whitehouse 
  • Economic Security _ Financial Literacy - Retirement Planning with Roger Dowdall
  • Elder Abuse - National Prevalence Study with Dr. Ariela Lowenstein and Dr. Anthony Lombardo
  • End of Life Issues - Shared Care with Dr. Christopher Klinger
  • Ethnicity and Aging with Dr. Ho Hon Leung
  • Law and Aging - Predatory Marriages with Professor Albert Oosterhoff
  • Mental Health - Issues in Geriatric Depression with Dr. Robert Madan

    Student Poster Competition
  • Congratulations to the 2013 winners!!

  • Undergraduate: Mark Rootenberg

  • Masters: Christine Sheppard

  • PhD:  Victoria Young and Evelyne Durocher  

Welcome to the official site for the Annual NICE Knowledge Exchange 2013.

Conference Date: May 23, 2013

Conference Location: Hart House in the University of Toronto, 7 Hart House Circle, Toronto, Ontario

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  • University of Toronto
  • Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR)

    Benefits of Anti-Aging Supplements You Need To Know

    According to experts, aging is the accumulation of damage to macromolecules, tissues, organs and cells on the skin. This ultimately leads to wrinkle formation, age spots, dark spots and further damage to the skin. Thanks to modern technology and research, many people today have been able to find ways of reversing skin aging effects. This has ensured that people looks good and youthful even when they are aging.

    No cosmetics or surgery is required in order to achieve this. To be able to reverse skin aging, you can thank nature for that. Below are the benefits of anti aging supplements.

    Prevent wrinkle formation

    The skin is the largest organ on the body which means that it is exposed to pollutants and other elements. People love to sun bathe at the beach or by the pool. While this is a good way of getting the much needed Vitamin D which promotes skin health, it also exposes your skin to the harmful UV rays from the sun.

    When you expose your skin to the UV rays for a long period of time, not only will it activate the cancerous cells but it will lead to collagen damage. Collagen is known to make the skin to be elastic and destruction of collagen promotes the onset of wrinkles.

    When you take anti aging supplements, they help to strengthen collagen finally preventing the onset of wrinkles on the skin. This gives one a youthful appearance.

    Prevent onset of skin cancer

    Thanks to anti aging supplements like Vitamin C, E and Coenzyme Q10 which are rich in anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties, they help in preventing the onset of skin cancer. Skin cancer is an illness that affects skin cells. Common types of skin cancer include basal cell cancer, melanoma and squamous cell skin carcinoma.

    The supplements help to provide nutrients which form a protective layer around the cells as well as nourishing them. This helps to ensure that they can fight the damaging effects from UV rays finally protecting the skin from cancer.

    Nourish skin cells

    Vitamin C, E and other anti-aging supplements are known to be rich in different nutrients and minerals. Vitamins are nutrients and they are needed by the body especially when one is aging gradually. Anti oxidants are abundant in supplements like Vitamin C, E and Phytoceramides. Anti oxidants are known to fight free radicals in the body. Free radicals are elements found in the body which are known to cause damage to the skin finally leading to abnormal growth of the cells.

    Thanks to anti oxidants, rapid skin aging gets to slow down and allows one to have a youthful looking skin that is beautiful and radiant to look at.

    Improve immunity

    The human body is susceptible to pathogens like viruses and bacteria which are known to attack the body leading to a disease. The immune system is the natural defense for the body that helps to fight this viruses and bacteria preventing the onset of various diseases.

    When one gets sick, they do experience different signs and symptoms which lead one to be bedridden as well as being on medication. Thanks to supplements, which are rich in minerals, vitamins and other nutrients, they can get to improve their immune system. This means that they will provide the body with a fighting chance and prevent onset of various diseases.

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